MCLC Spring Updates

MCLC Spring Updates
- Cultural Fluency Seminar with Jaffray Centre has wrapped up, thank you for attending and we will evaluate and plan to reboot in fall 2017.
- Summer Sports Camps: Five weeks of sports camp including Soccer, Basketball and Floor Hockey starting July 10th. Monday to Friday from 9am till noon for $45/week. Looking for campers from Grade 1-6, more info available here:
Please submit your registration forms by the end of June.
- Hong Kong University is partnering with SEAC for a summer internship program where four of their students from the Faculty of Social Science will conduct a series of community research and site visits. They will be also be helping with MCLC's operation as part of their internship program. Please pray that they may be able to gain unforgettable experience and friendships during their stay may be even get to learn about the gospel.
- Tax Clinic: we are almost at the end of the program, and has help around 120 clients with their tax return this year, more statstitics to available once we finish the last few appointments.