Fraternity Immigration Services

Fraternity Immigration Services


This is a partner service of Millbourne Community Life Centre(MCLC) that helps foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada at the lowest possible cost. We consider our services as a social enterprise to promote ‘Universal Human Fraternity’. We are one of the most trusted and reliable immigration consultancy firms. Our immigration consultant is licensed, insured and a proud member of the ‘Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).   



1. We help temporary foreign workers and international students in Canada to extend their stay/work and become permanent residents.

2. We help employers looking for foreign workers to apply for ‘Labour Market Impact Assessment' (LMIA).

3. We help families looking for qualified persons to take care of children, elderly or disabled people in their homes. (Care giver program).

4. We offer customized service packages for people living outside Canada and wish to become permanent or temporary residents of Canada. This includes step by step guidance to help a person to become qualified for Canada immigration.  

2101 Millbourne Road West, Edmonton, Alberta T6K OY3 Canada

Phone: 587-710-1316.